Its goal is to build a more sustainable future in

But Spainhower has that solved: she knits one sock cuff down, then attaches some waste yarn at the toe, then knits the second sock toe up. Honestly, when you look at the finished socks, it pretty difficult to tell one from the other. As a pair, they look great.

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(Photo: Courtesy Romona Williams)The group is called the ASEEDS Creek Rangers program ASEEDS stands for Achieving Sustainability Through Education and Economic Development Solutions and it includes about 20 kids between the ages of 12 in 18, led by local leaders and funded through grant money. Its goal is to build a more sustainable future in the area. But it has also managed to foster a new generation of climate experts in a state where politicians continue to push climate change denialism and where science education on the topic is decidedly light.The issue feels especially urgent now.Flooding in the area periodically causes schools to cancel classes.

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Downloads of the Merlin Bird ID Wizard app from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology were up more than 133% in May compared to the same time last year.In lockdown, many sports fans without teams to cheer for have become bird enthusiasts. My boyfriend’s group text chain has gone from a safe space for football trash talk to a haven for sharing bird pics with pseudo macho captions like “That alpha cardinal right there!”Men in Blazers Cheap Jerseys from china soccer podcast host Roger Bennett recently tweeted, “I have become obsessed with the bird calls that now dominate the early New York hours. American Cheap Jerseys from china Birding Association, out of Darkness Cometh Light.

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